Web Site A location on the world-wide-web used to store data (information).
Domain Name The address of the location of the web site.
Web Page Rather than presenting the reader with a large data file to sift through (or where the information covers a wide range of topics) it can be more user-friendly to separate that data out into separate data files (or webpages) linked (or navigated) by a menuing system.
Search Engine An enquiry centre on the web providing a register of web sites for the information being sought. To have a chance of being seen your website must be near the top.
Web Link An electronic link (hyperlink) from another website to improve the chances of yours being seen.
THE OBJECTIVE: There are many reasons people put information on the Internet. For instance, you may want to increase the visibiity of a product or service that you are selling to potential customers. A good, even 'the best' website is not enough - your website needs to be seen.
Your product needs to be easily found on a Search Engine (like
  • Work very closely with your web designer - listen to each other.
  • Ensure your website conforms to the latest Internet standards.
  • Ensure that it contains (and is 'seeded' with) the keywords and expressions that those seeking your product will use to find it in the search engines.
    Remember, if you have a popular product then you will be competing for a search ranking with others. If you still can't achieve a high search ranking you are faced with the following options:
  • purchase a sponsored-ranking from the search engine!
  • purchase a weblink from a website that is already well established.
  • purchase a webpage on a website that is already well established.
Example 1: Checkout our standard webpage allows for your advertising copy and one picture (enquiry form extra). standard webpage
Example 2: In this actual webpage the customer has paid a small additional cost to include 2 more pictures and an enquiry form.
Example 3: And this webpage has even more pictures together with an enquiry form and low-cost availability calendar.
Example 4: This customer is using one webpage to display 6 additional pictures.
There are examples of weblinks on our Holy Island Accommodation pages.
There are examples of weblinks on our Berwick Region Accommodation pages.
There are examples of weblinks on our Bamburgh Region Accommodation pages.
There are examples of weblinks on our 'where-to-go' pages.
Some examples: / website 1. / website 2. / website 3. /

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