Roads - Parking - Toilets

ROADS: Within the village many of Holy Island's streets do not have pavements.
Since few businesses have car parks sufficiently large for their patrons, drivers consequently share on-street parking with island residents.
Except for business access or when booking into their accommodation, tourists are cautioned not to drive into the village. Drivers should proceed with caution as pedestrians with children and animals might be encountered throughout. Because congestion soon builds up it is often faster (and far more interesting!) to walk around the village than drive.
No Entry Roads: Vehicles other than those belonging to residents or displaying disabled signs are not permitted to drive up to the castle. The 'track' is narrow and is in frequent use by the Holy Island minibus.
All roads leading beyond the village rapidly become undriveable - even for farm vehicles. Some are private. All lead to dead-ends and turning-around can become extremely difficult.
Beware of "Piri-Piri Burrs" when walking in the Dunes and Links which are difficult to remove from animals and clothing.
MAIN CAR PARK The long coast road leads from the causeway to a sharp zig-zag bend after which the car park is on the left - just before the 30mph limit signs. The car park is 'pay-and-display' with checking by Northumberland County Council operatives. Drivers are cautioned that wooden cabers and short vertical posts are used to mark out the parking bays. There are no public toilets in this car park. Mobile homes (up to 3.5t) may park here - however, overnight camping is not permitted.
Price : £5.50 / 24hrs (2019)
COACH PARK Coach drivers should proceed with caution into the village as far as the Lindisfarne Hotel where the road veers sharply to the left and narrows. The coach park is located at the bottom of the road, on the left. It is not possible to proceed beyond this point and all manoeuvring must be carried out, with caution, within the car park. Mobile homes are not permitted to park here.
The Disabled may park here free but must display their badge.
TOILET FACILITIES The main public conveniences are available in the coach park where facilities are also available for the disabled. Between March and October, toilets are also available, in a small toilet block, adjacent to the village hall.
PILGRIMAGES etc.: Organisers of large groups visiting the Island are requested to make arrangements for additional toilet facilities.
CAMPING & OVERNIGHT PARKING Camping is not permitted within the car parks or on the island.
Vehicles may be left overnight in the car parks by arrangement with Northumberland County Council.
For further information and links to car parks, charges, restrictions, parking permits, blue badge or pay penalty charges notice go online to county council
information for guidance only and does not supersede that displayed on official signage