Virtual Holy Island
Author: Dorothy Tutin
Holy Island Coat of Arms


AngloSaxon architecture - 'Saxon Door' This webpage operates in conjuction with the 'virtual-island' map. The map shows the most popular walks on the island and links to this page via 'way points'. We hope that you find our illustrated background information helpful in planning your walk/s around the island and all the more enjoyable.
But first a word of caution. Holy Island is a remote area so take a mobile phone with you in case you need to call for help. Ideally let someone know your walking plan and when you expect to be back. In some places, unless you know the 'lie of the land' you might become disorientated far quicker than you might expect. There are no toilets out there!
Beware of leaving the village confines after nightfall or if foggy conditions threaten. If there is no moon and the sky is overcast the night will be pitch black and you will not see your hand in front of your eyes without a torch. Whatever time of day, if foggy conditions threaten get back to the village by the most direct route.
FROM MARYGATE TO LINDISFARNE PRIORY - approx 300 yards - mainly paved routes
Marygate Crossroad: (A)
Market Square: (E)
Priory Museum: (M)
Lindisfarne Priory: (P)
FROM ST.MARYS TO THE OLD LIFEBOAT STATION approx 500 yards - mainly unmade roads - cliff climb
St Mary's Church: (SM)
St Cuthbert's Beach: (F)
St Cuthbert's Island: (G)
Cliff Climb: (H)
Coast Guard Lookout: (D)
Old Lifeboat Station: (K)
FROM HEUGH TO HARBOUR - approximately 300 yards - unmade roads - rock scramble
The Fort: (J)
Fisherman's Yard: (D)
Herring Houses: (HH)
Coastguard Store: (B)