Holy Island Shipwrecks

The Coryton

Ran Aground: Sunday, 16th February 1941
Tonnage:3000 tonnes (approx) Cargo:Wheat
From:Methil (First of Forth) Bound:Hull
Number of Hands:40 Number Saved:27+12
   Number Lost:1

Cpt J.R. Evans RNVR
Age: 48yrs
Master of Coryton
Cpt J.R. Evans RNVR
Age: 48yrs
Master of Coryton

The Coryton (shown above entering Cardiff from a previous voyage) had returned from North Atlantic convoy to join up with a North Sea convoy heading southward, to Hull. She left the convoy northeast of the Farne Islands when machine-gunned and attacked by German bombers.
With a badly holed boat, the ship's master, Captain Evans, skillfully and successfully negotiated the inside passage, between the Farnes and the mainland choosing to ground the boat in Budle Bay.
Holy Island lifeboat (Milburn) went to the rescue, and also the North Sunderland lifeboat. Initially the captain and crew wouldn't leave the ship so the two lifeboats came back to Holy Island. Later that day the weather conditions worsened and the two lifeboats went back to the steamer. The seas were starting to break right over her by this time. Captain Evans decided that for safety his crew should leave the ship opting to remain. The two lifeboats headed back to Holy Island 'Milburn' carrying 27 of the crew, the 'North Sunderland' boat carrying 12..
Soon after a great storm arose and the boat began to break up, wrecked beyond recovery.. Sadly the body of the captain was found next day washed ashore. He had two lifejackets on...
A more recent view of the Coryton!
Information supplied by the late Mr.E.Douglas
Islander and local naval historian and kindly
updated by Captain Evan's son in July 2006.

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