"Come to me, all who are weary and whose load is heavy - I will give you rest." - Matthew 11-28
The Holy Island of Lindisfarne

Churches & Retreats

The Parish Church of St.Mary the Virgin
The Anglican Parish Church is reputed to stand on the site of the original monastery founded by Aidan. Indeed parts of the structure date back to the 7th century, several hundred years before the appearance of the Priory. It is an Island-focus for all Christian pilgrims.
St.Cuthbert's Centre
Formerly the Island's 19th century Presbyterian and more recently United Reformed Church, the St Cuthbert's Centre bases its ministry upon the Christian qualities in the life of St Cuthbert. The centre offers visitors a modern, well equipped Centre in which to meet for worship and fellowship, prayer and sacrament.
St.Aidan's Church
The Island's Roman Catholic Church forms part of the community of St.Vincent di Paul who provide an Island holiday centre largely intended for children who might not otherwise be able to have a holiday. The body running the centre is based off-island. There is a local custodian for the Church.


For a vast number of reasons and purposes, a huge number of caring people from all levels of *society have recognised the need to retreat from a busy or confused lifestyle in order to come to terms with inner thoughts, problems, decisions and conflicts. Since the 7th century, Lindisfarne has become one of the world's famous sanctuaries for such for such purposes. Its remoteness, peace, tranquillity and spirituality are undoubtedly some of the qualities essential for any successful retreat - particularly where healing is an essential part of the process.
Within our small community a number of organisations are on hand with a great deal of experience in helping those seeking the sanctity of our shores for the purpose of retreat.
Your needs may be personal and private; you may be planning to lead a group to the Island; you may be considering joining a guided retreat programme. Whatever your need the following organisations are available for help in guidance, counselling and facilitation of your particular retreat.

Y2020 Retreats on Holy Island

Marygate House - Christian Retreat
Marygate House is the established residential Christian Centre and is situated in the Village of Holy Island. It is the home of a of a small community who run it under a board of Trustees as an independent Charitable trust. It is not affiliated to, or sponsored or subsidised by any church or other body.
The Open Gate - Christian Retreat
The 'Open Gate' is the main house of the 'Community of Aidan and Hilda'. The Community is a scattered community of Christians of all denominations who seek to cradle a Christian spirituality for today that draws inspiration from the Celtic saints. Holy Island is rich in natural beauty and Christian heritage. Enjoy and be blessed by the peace of this special place that Aidan chose as the home of his mission community.
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