Saint Aidan's Church

(Roman Catholic)
Priest-in-charge: awaiting notification
Enquiries to: Sr Tessa [Daughter of the Cross of Liage]
Pastoral Assistant
Telephone: 01289 389323
Services: Mass: The frequency of Masses depends entirely upon the availability of visiting priests. Some weeks Masses are held every day and on occasion several Masses are held on the same day with pilgrimages, children's groups and retreats.
For those already on the Island, Mass times are posted on the church door - often at short notice!
Morning Prayer: is held at 10 am each day (from 'Celtic Daily Prayer').
General: The Island's Roman Catholic Church is used for daily prayer, and is open each day so pilgrims, visitors or seekers can come inside to look around or just to be still in God's presence.

The Holy Island of Lindisfarne