an intimate guide
by John Bevan
Isle of Winds An illustrated companion for the inquisitive visitor

Holy Island is visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors every year drawn by its heauty, its wildlife and its history.

Most come for the day visiting the Benedictine Priory and the Castle. Some however stay for a while to explore and sometimes fall in love with the wider island.

Holy Island - Isle of Winds describes and puts into context some of the features they will find during their stay.
Hear are just a few quotes from this illustrated book which gives an insight to aspects of the island's history and character for the visitor who, after enjoying visiting Lindisfarne Castle and The Priory, has the time to explore more of this fascinating and beautiful place:
  • 'Inhabited from Prehistoric times, from before it was an island, Holy Island first appears in written history in Historia Brittonum by Nennius.....'
  • 'For almost 200 years .... Island fishermen .... manned a succession of lifeboats.... '
  • 'A white stone pyramid .... it remains .... a lonely sentinel ....'
  • 'A little over a hundred years ago .... the curiosity of the islanders was piqued by the mysterious arrival ....'
Holy Island - Isle of Winds.
'a companion for the inquisitive visitor'
New edition published 2018 - £7.99 (plus postage)
Holy Island Post Office, 'The Lindisfarne Centre'
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