Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin - Holy Island

Holy Week and Easter Services at St Mary's

Monday April 11th

8am Morning Prayer
7pm Film in the Village Hall, 'Son of Man'
This award-winning film relocates the story of Jesus to Southern Africa in the present day. When Jesus starts his ministry, he leaves home and makes for a Soweto - like township, gathering his followers on the way. Following the gospels, he heals and teaches, preaching a compassionate gospel of non - violent resistance against the forces of oppression. Jesus's popular appeal - heralded by homemade murals painted on the walls of corrugated iron shacks - ultimately forces a confrontation with the occupying rulers of Judea, using evidence gathered on camcorder by the former child - soldier, Judas. Jesus is arrested...

Tuesday April 12th

8am Morning Prayer
730pm Night Prayer with reflection

Wednesday April 13th

8am Morning Prayer
730pm Night Prayer with reflection

Maundy Thursday April 14th

8am Morning Prayer
730pm Maundy Thursday Communion with foot washing and vigil

Good Friday April 15th

8am Morning Prayer
12 - 2pm Good Friday prayer stations with reflective music (come and go during this time as you please)
2 - 3pm Liturgy of Good Friday

Holy Saturday April 16th

830pm The Easter Vigil, starting with the Easter fire on St Cuthbert's Beach, followed by procession into church

Easter Day April 17th

5am Dawn Service on the Heugh
8am BCP Holy Communion for Easter
1045am Festival Easter Eucharist
changes to programme will be published in the church porch