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For many, the influence of Lindisfarne cannot be expressed in words. It is an experience which has drawn people to the Island for thousands of years. It is an experience not quickly forgotton. It remains unchanged even today with huge numbers of visitors to Holy Island gaining a 'canny' affinity which brings them back time-after-time. Some are in the privileged position to return several times a year. Very many more are not so fortunate through reasons of time, cost, mobility and distance.
Our email magazine is aimed at enabling our friends to Stay In Touch with the Island. The above form enables us to maintain an 'on-line' survey of readers interests and the range of topics will be as extensive and balanced as Island editorial experience allows. Certainly for many Holy Island is a 'Mecca' for Christianity and Spirituality and these aspects will be covered. However, there is a similar demand for Natural History, Island life and general information on the local area which will feature proportionately.

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